Modernizing Aviation Training Technology
The Commercial Aviation Augmented Reality Toolkit (CAART) product line offers cost-savings and improved training over traditional methods. Pilots and ground crew such as aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs) can train “anywhere, anytime” using their portable devices, and maintainers can work with remote assistance from the central base, using augmented reality to blend real equipment with technical overlays. At Cole Engineering, we have been developing games and simulation products for over 15 years, but our collective experience in gaming and simulation stretch back to the early 1980's and everything in between.
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Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality

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Globally distributed training – access training from anywhere on everyday portable devices
Collective training delivered via desktop app, browser based and Virtual Reality immersive environment.
Long-distance coordinated technical assistance and training using AR in concert with real equipment
CAART offers training solutions delivered through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies, as well as mobile-device and traditional desktop platforms. It also offers full integration with existing Learning Management Systems for student performance reporting and record tracking.

Contacting CAART

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